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When you have decided to buy or sell property is better to know the following points:

After you have chosen a property or a buyer wants to buy yours the first thing is to meet with the owner of the property or the buyer in your agentís presence to check the documents of the property and settle the conditions of the deal.

After you have settled the terms and conditions of the deal you should sign the Preliminary contract in which all the conditions like: price, terms and ways of payment, term of the contract, taking the possession of the property, etc. When signing the preliminary contract the buyer have to pay 10% of the price (deposit).

In the terms fixed in the preliminary contract the buyer and the seller should meet in front of a notary, it can be chosen by the agent or the buyer and sign the notarial deed for the transfer of the ownership of the property and finalize the rest of the payment.

When the buyer and the seller went in front of the notary, the notary reads the notarial deed which he has made and the both parties sign it up and after that went for the rest of the payment. If the deal is through a bank loan the seller will receive its money after couple of days.